Guides and Experts

When you travel with Trip360, you benefit from the expertise of our proficient guides. Not only are they passionate about the adventure tours they lead, they also want you to make the most of your holiday. Our guides and experts have years of experience and are equipped to deal with any request or emergency that may arise. When you pick your trekking tour, our experts will ensure you have a fulfilling experience!
  • Satyarup Siddhanta

    About Satyarup Siddhanta: He is an adventurous person who has already climbed the highest mountains of six continents, and is all set for the seventh. Satyarup is a software en...

  • Divyesh Muni

    About Divyesh Muni: He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has been active climber for the last 34 years (he is now 51)! He has participated in 25 Himalayan Exped...

  • Abhijeet Singh

    About Abhijeet Singh: An engineer and an MBA graduate from MICA, Abhijeet finds his thrill in mountaineering and adventure photography. Since 2013, he has undertaken severa...

  • Chetan Pandey

    About Chetan Pandey: About Chetan Pandey: a more than accomplished mountaineer, with an impressive knowledge of the Himalayas among...

  • Jason Fernandes

    About Jason Fernandes: About Jason Fernandes: always friendly and happy to help, he is the trekking leader everyone is excited to tra...

  • Vineeta Muni

    About Vineeta Muni: She is an accomplished and trained mountaineer since the last 35 years. Vineeta has participated in 25 expeditions to the Himalayas having climbed 15...