Spain possesses the remarkable capacity to steal your heart and enter your mind. Perhaps it's due to the intoxicating quality of Barcelona's streets and the otherworldly beauty of the Alhambra Palace, or maybe it is the old-fashioned charm of Andalusia, the untouched islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, and the legendary cycling track of Majorca. There are a million reasons to come to Spain, and even more to stay.

  • Capital : Madrid
  • Largest City : Madrid
  • Language : Spanish
  • Time Zone : UTC +0:00
  • Seasons : Winter (Dec - Feb)
    The weather in Spain in the fall, or autumn, seasonsdepends on which climatic region you are visiting. ...
    The fall season in the Mediterranean climate region of Spain is short-lived.
    The Mediterranean climate is known for its hot dry summers and cold wet winters, with very little in between.
  • Electricity : 220V

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