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Ugyen Yoesar

Ugyen Yoesar

He is a native of Bumthang (Tang Valley) in Central Bhutan - one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. He has successfully completed the Department of Tourism's, tour leading courses in Cultural and Trekking, including a course in Field Birding. His true passion is mountain biking, which helped him find his way to Belmont, Massachusetts in the United States. Here, he studied about biking as well as organisational logistics and environmental awareness related to trip leading.
Having taken part in all race editions this far, Ugyen feels he will continue to race and promote biking for health and environment as long as he can. Ugyen's knowledge of the country, his positive attitude and keen outlook on life has made him one of the most sought after trip leaders in Bhutan. During the lean seasons, he can be found in various parts of Bhutan, exploring the country for new tours and hiking and biking possibilities. He has a solid record in both trekking and cultural tours and has built an impressive reputation over almost two decades of his guiding career.

Favourite Destination: Bumthang

What I Like: As and when I get time off, I like to spend it either biking or fishing.

Hobbies: I like reading and listening to music. During my free time I explore various routes for cycling.

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