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Saurabh Khanvilkar

Saurabh Khanvilkar

While people were deciding what to choose as electives in college, I was busy backpacking in Kerala. My first solo trip was the age of 18 and ever since then there's no looking back. After my masters, I was leading motorcycles tours all across India. But my experience is not just limited to biking trips, I have also conducted inbound tours. Armed with a passion to explore new places and an adventure bike, I covered almost the whole of India; from the western ghats of the south to the unexplored Northeast. And now if you ask me, travelling is not just about visiting new destinations, it's become a way of life!

Reason Why People Enjoy Being On Tour With Me:
I quickly adapt and connect with every single rider in the group and make them comfortable.

Favourite Destination:

What I Like:
Rough roads on an Enduro motorcycle.

What I Dislike:
Too many stops on a ride!

Making new friends while exploring new destinations..

My Favourite Bike:
KTM 690 R.

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