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Satyarup Siddhanta

Satyarup Siddhanta

He is an adventurous person who has already climbed the highest mountains of six continents, and is all set for the seventh. Satyarup is a software engineer by profession, a mountaineer by passion, and an environmentalist by choice. Satyarup suffered from asthma and he has defied all limitations and overcome all sorts of hurdles to follow his dreams.

Satyarup has visited more than 20 countries and has published 2 papers in the National level seminar on the subject of the environment and is a motivational speaker too. Satyarup has gone trekking to many destinations including some great trails in the Indian Himalayas, the Alps, the Western Ghats and Nepal.

Favourite destinations: France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland

What I like about Trekking: Trekking takes me away from all the chaos, and takes me to a silent zone where I can be myself. It's more about an inward journey, where I get a chance to learn more about myself. I am able to put myself through challenges and I've learnt to push my limits. One of the most amazing things about trekking is that I get introduced to the different cultures that exist and I get an opportunity to meet different people. Every new surrounding teaches me something. I feel trekking rejuvenates me.

Hobbies: Trekking, Climbing, Magic, Painting, Coin Collecting, Playing Poker

My Favourite Trek
: Everest base camp trek is the most picturesque trek I have ever been too. Trekking in the Alps (Tour De Mont Blanc) is the next best.

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