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Nishant Singh

Nishant Singh

Did you know, motorcycles were called 'murder cycles' in the early nineties? Well, the naysayers were right. Motorcycles murder your routine life, murder the montony, murder anger, negativity, and murder egos and instead free your spirit, mind, body and soul. Riding a motorcycle is an unparalleled feeling, and i felt that the first time I rode one. And I haven't looked back since then. Have explored the country on two wheels from Spiti in the north to Kanyakumari in the south. Riding a motorcycle made me realise the goodness of people. No matter the time of the day, people are more than willing to help you out to the best of their capacity, be it a jawan in Himachal, who offered his assistance to fix a puncture, or a factory worker in Surat who offered his company guest house for a night stay.

Exploring the country on two wheels is not a fad but a preferred way to travel because its on two wheels that you really get to be one with nature and experience all of natures bounties to their fullest. I have travelled in groups and solo as well but the aim was always to travel and to learn about the people, the culture, the food across India. Some say motorcycling is an adventure but I say motorcycling is a way of life. Either you enjoy it completely or you sit on the sidelines and dream on. There are so many more places to visit, so many more dreams to fulfill and I do intend to ride for as long as I can, in a bid to explore not just India but the world on two wheels.

Reason Why People Enjoy Being On Tour With Me:
I am adaptable to the group I am with and flexible as well. I think people will enjoy riding with me as I do like to discover the regions I am riding through, connecting with people and enjoying the scenary as it passes by.

Favorite Destination:
Spiti Valley, Rajasthan, Far East, Europe

What I Like:
People who are on time during rides and do not take things for granted. I also like riding long distances. I am usually flexible with my motorcycle co-riders and expect the same sensitivity from them towards the group

What I Dislike:
People who do not follow the rules during rides (such as not wearing all requisite riding gears, not being on time etc).


My Favorite Bike:
CBR250R, VFR, GS1200, Ninja Versys

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