Mantis Shrimp

- Crustacean

- The mantis shrimp are a part of the aquatic crustaceans group and are one of the most interesting species. They can be called powerful death machines of the sea, as they are tough and extremely swift with their movements. On an average, the mantis shrimp grows up to four inches. Being one of the strongest creatures in the world, they use the force of a bullet of a 22 caliber gun to attack and hunt their prey. With this incredible force they can easily crack open the shells of clams and crabs. The most interesting feature about the mantis shrimp are its eyes, as their visual spectrum is the largest as compared to any known animal.
  • Diet


  • Size

    Usually 2 to 7 inches long. Larger species grow 12 inches in length.

  • Weight

    180- 400 grams roughly depending on size

  • Protection

    Least Concern

  • Did you know?

    When captured, scientists keep mantis shrimp in thick plastic tanks because their punch could break a glass tank.