Manta Ray

Type - Fish

About - Deep in the ocean, one of the most graceful marine fish are the manta rays. It's pleasing to watch them glide through the water effortlessly. These charismatic fish are found in 2 different species. The first one is the reef manta ray and the other, the giant manta ray. Their diet mainly consists of zooplankton, and they are often found in tropical, temperate and subtropical waters. The Manta Rays frequently visit 'cleaning stations'- where a number of fish are responsible for cleaning and removing parasites from other fish.
  • Diet


  • Size

    The large ones are 7m (23ft) and small ones are 5.5m(18ft. 1in)

  • Weight

    The largest one can be 1,350 kg /2,980lb

  • Protection


  • Did you know?

    The largest manta ray can be 25 ft wide.