Hawksbill Sea Turtle

- Reptile

- These exotic hawksbill turtles are found in the tropical waters of the Indian, Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. They are not as large as sea turtles, however, they grow up to 45 inches, which is their shell length. The younger ones usually have a heart-shaped shell, which elongates as they mature. The hawksbill turtles prefer sticking to coastal areas where sponges are found in abundance, and there is a great availability of sandy nesting sites. They generally keep away from deep waters. What distinguishes them, are their tapered heads and their claws.
  • Diet

    Mollusks/Marine Algae/ Sea Urchins

  • Size

    2.5ft-3 ft/71 to 89 cm

  • Weight

    100 to 150 lbs (46 to 70 kg)

  • Protection

    Critically Endangered

  • Did you know?

    Young hawksbill turtles are unable to dive deep, so they spend their early years floating amongst sea plants near the water's surface.