Banded Sea Krait

- Reptile

- The banded sea krait, is a beautiful, yet venomous, marine creature. However, they aren't a threat to divers, as these serpents are usually non-aggressive and docile. Like most reptiles, these too spend time on land, to mate, digest their food, and lay eggs. They cruise through shallow, tropical waters of mangroves and reefs. These semi-aquatic reptiles have adapted themselves in an unusual way. They have a paddle -shaped tail, which allows them to have quick movements underwater, and have large lungs that enables them to stay underwater for long periods.
  • Diet

    Eels/small fish

  • Size

    Total length: 70 cm (males) 80 cms (females)

  • Weight

    Average male weight: 496 g // Average female weight: 895 g

  • Protection

    Least Concern

  • Did you know?

    They are considered to be one of the most venomous snakes and that one bite can be fatal.