Snorkeling Trips in Maldives

Maldives is every scuba divers dream destination to explore the serene and tranquil life underwater. This breathtaking destination offers divers colourful coral life, reefs and mesmerising fish to observe. Maldives is one of those few places that encourages diving all year around. However, with a monsoon season that ranges from May to August, diving at this time will leave you with reduced visibility because of strong waves and winds. If you want to get the most of Maldives' underwater treasures, dive during the dry months from December to March for the best visibility.

  • Capital : Male
  • Largest City : Male
  • Language : Dhivehi
  • Time Zone : GMT + 05:00
  • Seasons : Summer Mansoon (July- sept), winter Mansoon ( Nov -Dec )
  • Electricity : 240 Volts AC 50 HzAc

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