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With adventure experts as guides, your cycling tours with Trip360° are guaranteed to be a smooth ride. Passionate about adventure and with experience to match, our guides are equipped to handle most emergencies, last-minute changes, and more. Once you choose cycling as your trip, these guides ensure you have an amazing experience.

Tshering Wangdi

He was born in the Wangdi Valley and attended school there. Later, he moved to Thimphu and finished a 2 year diploma course in Tourism Management and Guide Course. He was also a part of the Tour Leader Training organised by Explore Worldwide from the United Kingdom.

Tshering enjoys reading and watching Discovery and National Geographic television programmes. His interests include photography, bicycling, hiking and trekking. He started mountain biking around 2 years ago for health and leisure purposes and has lead a few biking groups in Bhutan.

Favourite Destination: Wangdi

What I Like: As and when I get time off, I like to spend it either biking or scouting for new trek trails

Hobbies: I like reading, travelling, listening to music and meeting people of different religions. Back to Guides & Expert