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With adventure experts as guides, your cycling tours with Trip360° are guaranteed to be a smooth ride. Passionate about adventure and with experience to match, our guides are equipped to handle most emergencies, last-minute changes, and more. Once you choose cycling as your trip, these guides ensure you have an amazing experience.

Shilpa Phadke

When Shilpa Phadke begins her journey to explore a new place, she doesn't like calling it an adventure. For her every outdoor visit is more of an excursion or an expedition.

One can say that she is a brilliant cyclist as she has participated in multi-day cycling trips and has cycled from Pune to Konkan via three different routes. She has cycled from Pune to Goa touring across northern Karnataka, which was about 500 kilometres in 4 days through coffee estates.

She then travelled touring the Niligiris through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which was about 900 kilometres in 8 days.

Her next expedition took her from Manali to Leh to Khardung La. This is one of the toughest routes due to its high altitude, high mountain passes and hairpin bends. But none of these stopped her!

One of her most grand achievements was when she was crewed for a race across America that enabled the first British woman to complete it. This took place from San Diego to Maryland, which covered 5,000 kilometres in 12 days!

Shilpa Phadke is waiting for her next expedition.

Favourite Destination: The Himalayan Region

What I Like: Watching the sunrise and the sunset provides me with a sense of calm that cannot be experienced in our city lives.

: Gardening, experimenting with food and of course everything outdoors. Back to Guides & Expert