Cycling Grades

Do you prefer a leisurely cycling holiday? Or are you looking for something that will really challenge you and your fitness? Perhaps you wants a good mix of easy and tough rides? Why not look for rides based on how challenging they are, so you know exactly what you're in for when you sign up!

Leisure/ Easy

Slight inclines, but most likely to be flat. Ideal for bikers who want to explore a region at a relaxed pace. Maximum of 3-4 hours of ride in a day.

Recreational/ Moderate

Rolling terrain with some bigger hills that are moderate. Ideal for cyclists who want a relaxed pace with a mix of gentle undulating terrains and some energetic cycling ascents. Maximum of 4-6 hours of ride or 35-60km in a day.

Active/ Tough

All terrain, with hills and some challenging mountain passes. Hills, mountains, and everything in between. Ideal for anyone comfortable peddling up to 7,000 feet in a ride on a given day.

Avid/ Challenging

All terrain, with hills and big mountain passes. Steep technical descents. Ideal for any cyclist who is reasonably fit and can ready to challenge themselves. On a day can climb up 7000+ feet and average of 70-95 km per day.


Long distance cycling for an average of 100+ km. Ideal for cyclists who like participating in rallies and cycling races. The route requires a good level of fitness including some non-technical off road riding.