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Every rider is different. While some like to challenge the wind, some like to cruise at their own pace and the others, they simply love to ride with their cult. Then there are some who prefer going solo without any restrictions. Different people, different definition of a perfect ride. But no matter what your definition, we've got you covered! We have Scheduled Rides for the ones who enjoy the comfort of an itinerary and Self-Drives for the ones who don't. We even have the option of booking an individual ride or one with your gang. Honestly, it doesn't get better than this!

  • Self Drive

    Self Drive

    For some riders, a bike is more than just two wheels, it's a companion in good times and bad. Their time spent riding is more than just a journey, it's meditation. They prefer to hit the roads with just the promise of adventure and a thirst to explore the unknown roads. Flexibility is all what they look for! For such bikers, we have rides where we only provide bikes, hotel accommodation and a suggested itinerary. The dates, pace and route is set by them. Here, you can opt to go solo or with your gang, we just need your permission to make all the arrangements!

    Individual Self- Ride
    Not into group rides? Want to take on the roads by yourself? We offer Self-Ride trips where you are in charge! You decide the place, the route, the date and the pace and we make arrangements for you. Do note that these tours have no backup vehicle or a guide, it's just you, your bike and some gorgeous landscapes.
    PS: We do offer a backup vehicle, guide and a suggested itinerary on request!

    Group Self-Ride
    Don't fancy riding with an unknown group? Have your own brotherhood for biking adventures? Our Self-Ride trips are for you. You decide where and how to go, we provide the bikes, hotel accomodation and a suggested itinerary.
    PS: We do offer a backup vehicle, guide and a suggested route on request!

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  • Scheduled Ride

    Scheduled Ride

    Everyone has a different idea of adventure. While some love the challenges it brings forth, others don't fancy venturing out to unknown lands without a fixed itinerary or backup. Our scheduled rides are created for the latter, where we take care of everything; safety, hotel accommodation, guides, pit-stops etc. But just because these are pre-planned and doesn't mean they lack the adventure element. They are crafted by expert specialist who know exactly what is needed to get the blood-pumping and adrenaline rushing!

    Individual Scheduled Ride

    Dream of going on a ride but last minute backouts ruining your plans? Our Individual Scheduled rides give you the safety of group rides and comfort of fixed itineraries, so you can explore new territories or routes without the fear of getting stranded!
    PS: These rides come with a backup vehicle, guide and all safety arrangements.

    Group Scheduled Ride

    Part of a biking gang you swear by but prefer knowing where you'll be riding on a particular day? We have Scheduled Group rides for biker groups. No outsiders, and fixed schedule.
    PS: These rides come with a backup vehicle, guide and all safety arrangements.

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