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Deepak Kamath

Aged 47, Deepak Kamath is a go-getter, with a never say die attitude! Here are his achievements:

All India Cycling Expedition (1988): 4 months across 17 states and Nepal.

World Cycling Expedition (1989 - 1990): Which he had to call off after reaching Italy, as his cycle got stolen at the Greece - Bulgaria border and travelling with an Indian Passport was not a welcome sign.
1991: He was engaged with Ideal Jawa in Mysore to do up a 1979 model of Yezdi Classic which he used for his India trip. He covered 10280 Km in 17 days across India and Nepal. However, he could not reach Leh via Jammu - Srinagar as landslides had blocked the roads and he had to complete the run to Bangalore in a record time. Hence, his dream of reaching the highest motorable road ended.

Reach for the Skies (1991): Within a gap of 100 days of completing the earlier stint. He started out again, he reached 18383 ft above sea level. The ride started from Kanyakumari and ended at Bangalore. 11180 km in 18 days, including various states in India and Nepal....this was featured in the Limca Book of Records.

1994-1995: And finally the BIG one... the Yezdi-Castrol Continental Raid! He was the first fastest rider to Circumnavigate the World in Record Time! He covered a total of 42038 Km in 47 riding days and 119 days in all. 32 years since and this World Record is still intact! Moreover, he achieved this stint even before technology was born!

Reason Why People Enjoy Being On Tour With Me:
I have exhaustive knowledge of different terrains and have covered over 300,000 km in my riding career thus far! Plus, I'm an expert in planning strategies and routing.

Favorite Destination:
All time favourite is North and North East India. (The Himalayan Region)
For the Roads: The USA and Australia.
For a variety of riding experience: Europe
For awesome hospitality: South America

What I Like:
Discipline, punctuality and lots of patience!

What I Dislike:
Egoistic attitude and not being a team player

Breeding exotic breeds of dogs, exploring countryside in leisure and understanding the heritage of India

My Favorite Bike:
The Yezdi! Unfortunately, the company is no longer in existence. But considering my achievements have been mostly on this bike, I simply adore this machine. Back to Guides & Expert