European Bike Week Austria

European Bike Week is arugably the largest gathering of Harley Davidsons anywhere in the world. When thousands and thousands of motorcyclists from across the European Union ride to the little town of Carinthia, Austria, you know there is only one thing on their mind - to make their presence felt at the European Bike Week. The gathering sees bikers at their creative best customising their rides to suit their individual tastes. The event offers bikers to let their hair down, indulge in the plethora of activities on offer including music and entertainment, biker build off, custom bike show and even demo rides. The parade however, is the most spectacular event during the week. Imagine thousands of bikes riding around town - the noise, the vibrations, the sights can get even the the most hardcore naysayers hooked on to motorcycles. That's the allure of the European Bike Week.

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