1) What is the guide to people ratio?     
Every guide leads around 6 to 12 riders upon the difficulty level of the tour.

2) Can I get my own bike for a trip?
This depends on the trip you opt for. However, we do offer customised rides. Just share your ride details and we'll come up with an exciting ride for you.

3) Can I choose a bike of my preference?
We do offer that option on certain rides. But then again it depends on the availability of the bike at each destination. Rest assured, we have chosen top quality motorbikes, best suited for the terrain and quality experience.

4) Which gears are included in the trip?
Gears are a part of some itineraries. Please check the trip inclusions. However, we recommend you to carry your own gear for the comfort factor.

5) Are riding gears compulsory?
Yes, gears are compulsory for all rides. You could either get your own or rent / buy them if available at the destination.

6) What if I don't carry my own gear?
Gears can be rented on some ride and on rides where renting is not an option, we recommend you to buy your gears before the ride starts.

7) Can I choose to ride as a pillion?
The option is available for some rides. However, you need to have a partner who is up for riding.

8) Does the cost of the itinerary include pillion riders as well?
No, the cost is applicable only to the rider. However, the cost for pillion riders is considerably cheaper. 
9) How many people are required for a group scheduled ride?
The numbers differ for every tour. Please check the details of every ride.

10) Will I have to carry a first aid kit for myself? 
No, basic First Aid will be provided. However, you need to carry your own prescribed drugs.

11) Can I ride solo?
Yes, you can ride solo if you opt for an individual Self-Ride Trip.
12) Who makes the arrangements for my visa?
We make all the visa arrangements at an extra cost.

13) Which documents do I need for my ride?
This depends on the country you are riding to or in!

14) Can I ask for a backup vehicle and guide on my Self-Ride Trip?
Yes, you can request for both. However, respective charges may apply.

15) What is the difference between a Scheduled Ride and Self-Ride?
Scheduled rides have a fixed departure date and a fixed riding schedule. Self-rides are more flexible where we only provide motorbikes, accommodation and a suggested itinerary. 

16) What if I drop the bike? Who pays for the damages?
This depends on the country and the kind of bike you are riding. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your trip.

17) Who pays for the fuel?
For all Self-Rides, you pay for the fuel. However, for Scheduled Rides please check the inclusions.

18) Are hotel accommodations and meals included in the itinerary?
All rides include hotel accommodations. Meals included as per itinerary.