Who is Trip360?
Run by none other than adventure fanatics and crazy outdoor lovers who have stepped in the big boys shoes to give you the adventure of a lifetime. We are a part of the company which brought the group holidays phenomenon in the world. Yes, Cox and Kings is the longest established travel company in the planet...259 years and counting...Pioneering as we are, we thought of getting all the amazing expertise together and curate some fantastic experiences for you.
Our in house team and multiple partners around the globe add the much required expertise in delivering each and every trip. The local area knowledge and the real life experiences offers the most awe-inspiring selection of trips . These trips could have authentic accommodation, exotic cuisine, local transport etc to get you out of your comfort zone and face to face with the planet's people, cultures, landscapes and wildlife.

Why should I choose tours by Trip360?

Someone once said, "Life begins outside your comfort zone"
We, at Trip360 totally agree.
You should choose our trips if you're someone who seeks a 'real life' travel experience. If you have a particular interest be it culinary adventures, scuba diving, cycling, trekking, motorbiking trips, look no further.

Are these trips physically demanding?

Want to lie in a hammock beside a beach, go snorkeling at leisure? We have a trip for that. Want to climb up a high altitude mountain? We have a trip for that too.
We have a huge range available from culinary adventures in some of the world's most beautiful places, to trekking in some of the most remote locations in the world. We have comfortable expedition cruises, long and tough motorbiking holidays and even weekend breaks from your city.
To determine what type of trip suits you best, each of our trips comes with a Physical Rating to let you know how physically demanding it is… or isn't.

Which style of trip is right for me?
You will need to be sufficiently fit if you want to rough it out on a really steep cycling trail or a high altitude trek in a remote location. The physical rating of such tours will be on the higher side. If you feel you're not ready for such tours, you could choose something easier with a lower Physical Rating.

How many people will be travelling with me?

We understand that adventure is all about being one with nature. We keep our group sizes low so there's less distractions, less noise, more fun and more personalization. You can expect a maximum of 15 travelers on a trip. There will be few exceptions ofcourse.

Any more Questions? We would love to hear from you. Call us on 1800 266 1360 or email at adventure@trip360.com