About Us

At Trip360°, our motto is simple - life begins just outside your comfort zone. Across dirt tracks and dusty pathways, sweating it out on a hike, diving into the deep blue, or sailing to some of the most amazing places on the planet, we've got some of the most planet-friendly ways to transport yourself. Our trips are Safe, Sustainable and Social and we can guarantee they will challenge your senses, while giving you the best and most immersive range of adventures in the country. So tell us, #WhatsYourTrip?

Let's Meet The Team!

Fun and adventurous. That is who we are! At Trip360°, we love the outdoors and everything that makes our lives animated. From our leaders to product managers to the sales team, we live the sports that we offer to our travellers. Talk about a dull moment, we don't know what that is! We totally enjoy the thrill that being a part of such funtastic team brings to us.

Product Team

Our product team are travellers, who have explored the world at an extent. They have an in-depth understanding of the countries we sell and curate adventures to. And as locals from different areas, they know what an essence of a particular place is, and how to make it an authentic experience for their travellers. Combined with the experience of our experts and guides, it becomes a team that boasts of an experience, which goes into every adventure sports ever done in the history of mankind.

Operations Team

Our Operations team comes with years of experience in operating and running adventure tours, be it a trek to the Everest Base Camp or a scuba dive in Maldives. They're the best ops team; from the start of your journey to the time you return, they will take good care of you and ensure your wanderlust soul finds what it seeks!

Sales Team

Our Sales team comprises of a bunch of adventure enthusiasts who know what adventure travel is. They know our packages like the backs of their hand. And can match the adventure to the person and give you the best package to suit your requirements.

Tour Leaders

Our tour leaders have risen from the ranks. Every trip is a new adventure for them. They are not tourists, they are the real travellers. Living with locals, making fellow travellers comfortable, trying new things on tours, making sure everyone has a great time-that's what they are best at doing!