Let’s Go Blue

Look out across the never-ending blue, to gigantic glaciers and breaking ice towers the size of high-rises. Spot penguins and seals dancing and lazing on beds of ice. Surf the waves like a pro or dive into pleasant waters for a memorable cruise holiday.

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With ports all over the world, our cruises will take you wherever you want to go, while also allowing you to enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments and scrumptious food. We'll take care of everything on board - all you have to do is find your ideal destination. Check out our amazing offers and get ready to go sailing!

Plan Your Sail

Whether you want to indulge in adventurous ocean sports, learn the tactics of smooth sailing, or simply enjoy a leisurely cruise; plan and achieve your cruising goal with us at Trip360°. Our team of experts are here to guide you at every wave! Aye aye, sir!


Our wildlife cruises take you deep into areas that are remote and not easily accessible on foot or overland vehicles. From cruises into Antarctica to trips on a river boat down th...


If diving is your trip, then these fancy boats are just the right way to venture into the deep sea to explore its underwater jewels. These small ships can drop anchor at point...


While we consider most of our journeys adventurous, there are a few which climb a few notches higher. These marine trips are specially designed for people who love water and are...


Isn't it amazing to not pack and repack for every destination? Simply pack once and visit various cities and countries in a span of few days. Go to sleep in one country and wake up in a whole new place - it's the best part of sailing! So this time, don't sweat the packing, and get ready for an adventure like never before!

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